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6 Traveling together

My mother is taking her grandkids (and their mothers) to Europe in July, so there are 6 of us. I'm looking for reasonably priced places to stay in the areas of London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Dublin that can accomodate all 6 of us in a reasonable space (not 12 person dorm rooms). We aren't real fans of big hotels, but B & B's may be overwhelmed by so many together. Any help would be appreciated.

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You have chosen some very expensive cities - for accommodation and all else. I have no specific recommendations but would suggest you look at the self catering option - depending on how long you are staying in each place. This would give you togetherness and more space and the facility to eat some meals in. Depending on the ages of the children and who wants what in terms of beds you may be able to get by with 2 bedrooms and a sofa bed. I think you will have trouble finding a 3 bed place but honestly have never looked. You are probably right about B & B's although some have family rooms and some have more than a couple of rooms. You could try guest houses which are often (in UK) between a B & B and a hotel - in terms of number of rooms and price. One website you could look at for UK is Staying outside these cities will be chepaer but that is a trade-off against travel time and cost.

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Linda, I know the Harding Hotel in Dublin has rooms with three single beds. The hotel is not fancy but is clean and has a great location right across the street from Christ Church(the bells do ring all night long.) There is also a Jury's Christ Church that I THINK has rooms for three.

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Rick Steves' tours use the Harding Hotel in Dublin

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I'm leaving in a month with my family of 6. I can't make any specific recommendations because we haven't been there yet, but I think we found some good apartments on the website. The only city we have in common is London - we are staying at an apartment for a week for $1000. If you want to find it on the web site look for Bishop's Road. It's located in SW London, near Wembley Stadium, between Fulham and Parsons tube stations.