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6 days in Iceland and 6 days in Norway and 2 days in Copenhagen.

We are travelling to Scandinavia (from August 21st to September 3rd) and these day don't include are travel times reaching and leaving Europe. Any suggestions for iten. and how to spend 6 days in Iceland, 6 days in Norway and 2 days in Copenhagen? We have the alternate option of doing Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland but we are more likely going to pick Copenhagen, Norway and Icealand. I have posed questions questions and gotten helpful responses, I live in Dubai and don't have access to Rick Steve's Scandinavia (I will only recieve it mid June from one of my friends who is coming from the US) so I am looking for suggestions and help in the interim. THanks everyone. :)

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We spent a week in Norway, June, 2005. Here is what we did:

fly to Bergen, pick up rental car, drove to Voss (2 nights), our full day in Voss we drove SE to see another fjord and Vorringfossen,

third day we drove to Flam and did the train roundtrip, stopped at the Vik stave church, and took the ferry across to Balestrand. We stayed at Kivikne's Hotel two nights but probably would have been OK with only one.

Day five we drove north over the glaciers to the Geiranger Fjord. We stayed in Geiranger two nights, using the full day to ride the ferry round trip. through the spectacular Geiranger fjord

Day seven we drove back to Bergen, arriving early afternoon which gave us enough time to enjoy the Bryggen and ride the funnicular. From Bergen, we flew to Cornwall for the rest of our vacation. If you want hotel names, let me know. It is very easy to drive in Norway, all of the roads we used were excellent, not scary.