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Driving times

Can anyone let me know the approximate driving time from Kilkenny to Kinsale, Kinsale to Kenmare and from Kenmare to Dingle. Thanks,

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I've been using Google maps to see distances between places in England - now I'm wondering if that information is accurate...

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The distances are probably accurate, but it takes longer to drive than they estimate.

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Kilkenny to Kinsale is 208KM.We left Kilkenny at 9:45AM stopped at Waterford and for Lunch and then at the Distillary tour in Middleton and arived at Kinsale at about5:45PM. Kinsale to Kenmare l49KM left Kinsale at 9:40AM arrived Kenmare at l:30PM.Kenmare to Dingle via Ring of Kerry7hrs.

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Just came back from No. Ireland. I was given a rule of thumb of traveling 30 miles in an hour. It was close, so that might help you. (I was a little faster.)

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Best answer is "a lot longer than you think".

But Jo's suggestion of 30 mph is usually pretty accurate. Just don't measure distance in a straight line.