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Bed Bugs....

How do I prevent from getting bed bugs in Ireland. I'm sorry, I know it's gross, but I want to be safe.

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If you see something in the bed that looks like apple seeds go somewhere else?

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Well, after having spent about 8 weeks in Ireland over the course of 2 summers, I never had any bed bug problems. I stayed in self catering cottages and the Trinity College dorms. But, I know they can be a problem (all over the world) so I would suggest seeing if you can find maybe their equivalent of cooperative extension to find out what to do...

I did find, where people post bed bug sightings at hotels in North America. Maybe you can find an international version.

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I'm not saying that it can't happen, but in all of the times I have stayed in guesthouses and B&Bs all over Ireland I have never seen a bedbug. Even if you did encounter them somewhere you might wake up with itchy little bites, but bedbugs do not carry any kind of disease.

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I haven't run into bed bugs yet either, although I hear they're making a comeback.

One thing you can do to reduce bed bugs is never put your bag on the floor of your room. If the room has bedbugs, they'll hitch a ride in your bag to the next lodging.

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This is what I do every time I check into a hotel:

How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Be advised: the link is to a pdf.

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I stayed in hostels for two months in Ireland and never had any problems. I did make sure to check the reviews of all the hostels I stayed at, which gives you a good sense of whether you will encounter bed bugs or not.

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How do you keep from getting bed bugs in the USA?
You could always sleep in your car.

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If a place has a bug problem, it will be reported on online travel websites such as tripadvisor. But such issues are exceedingly rare.

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You can't prevent yourself from getting a room with bedbugs - but you can know the signs. has a good checklist: That being said, I've never had bedbugs in any accomodation in Europe, Canada, or the States. If I did (and you can feel them crawling on you at night, so you will know) I would march right down to reception and demand a refund and a "walk letter" (the U.S. jargon) for another hotel.

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In my opinion, there is too much worry going on about bed bugs. They are way down on my worry list, way below broken shoestrings.

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Bed bugs are bad news. We got them in Munich once, then we travelled to our next destination and had to wash all clothes, and toss the packs. I was decently covered in tiny red bites all over the arms. You don't want them in your clothes or coming home with you. Now I always check the bed first before unpacking anything, remove the sheet and look at the corners of the mattress for any signs of them. Any hotel in Europe or the U.S., the experience wasn't a pleasant one.

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I have not encountered bed bugs, but I have started checking the mattress when I stay in any hotel since becoming aware of them. The risk may be small but it is too easy to avoid not to at least check. After all, not checking is like playing Russian Roulette. No wait, that's the money belt argument.

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We encountered bed bugs in a Rick Steves recommended hotel in London. It was horrible and took me a long time to get over it. We were also terrified that we took them along to the next B & B and possibly home with us, but it's been 3 years and we were lucky, we left them in London. Arm yourself with knowledge. Recognize the signs of bedbugs and how to deal with them. Look at the links the other responders provided. Check reviews of your accommodations on We now purchase very large Zip Lock Bags and seal our bags in them immediately upon checking into our room. I pull all the bedding off the bed and examine every inch of the bed and bedding. I keep all my personal belongings zipped up and use the large zip lock bags to seal everything. I open/store my bags on luggage racks, never the bed. As they say "Once bitten, twice shy".

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Do note, while checking hotel reviews is always a good idea, it doesn't guarantee you a bug free room,, and paying alot for a fancy hotel doesn't either. Bedbugs travel with tourists,, so anyone could have just been in your room the week previous and ped the little buggers off, too soon to show up in a review, so your main defense is to do like some have suggested.. CHECK YOUR BED when you check in,, and keep LUGGAGE off the floor or bed.