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Windsor Castle Or Hampton Court ?

I only have enough time for one. Windsor Castle or Hampton Court?

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Hampton Court definitely. The gardens and grounds are amazing and great pubs are within an easy walk. Right on the Thames, very beautiful area. I found Windsor to be kind of boring.

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Isn't travel exciting. What is boring for one is engaging for another. I loved Hampton Court and it is very interesting historically, but when we went to Windsor I thought about the fact that a family really lives (loosely used word) there. That means dogs, family dinners, kids, and my imagination took over. Do you think that Harry and William were allowed to play hide and seek in the castle? Cool!

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Another vote for Hampton Court, Tudor Kitchen a must. We have not been to Windsor


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I'be been to both and love them both, however if I had to choose one it would be Hampton Court hands down.

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Both are great, but I would have to go with Hampton Court Palace. They have several employees who are dressed in period costumes and play the part of somebody who would have visited or worked at the palace. They really helped bring the palace to life. As Tom noted, don't miss the kitchen.

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I would go to Windsor, you get to see some of the great rooms that are used on special occasions. Also, Queen Mary's doll house which built in 1920 is fantastic. It has mini pictures painted by famous painters, especially for the doll house. Books that was written especially for the doll house. There are great pubs in Windsor, one is the Horse and Groom Pub right across the street from the castle. As you exit the castle you see it. I really think you would enjoy Windsor much better. And if you walk down to Windsor Great Park the Long Mile is there you there is a good chance seeing some of the Royals coming in or leaving the castle. They are the only ones allowed to use this road, and this is how they enter and exit the castle.

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Another vote for Windsor. It is my favorite European Castle. And now you can see so much of its history. We saw it first before the fire, then immediately after and then after they finished the restoration. They now have displays of things they discovered doing the restoriation, pics of the fire, etc. The town of Windsor is also one of my favorites. Enjoy the yellow rose garden of the castle, walk down the "long walk", stroll over to Eton, take a cruise down the Thames.... you'll love Windsor.

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Another vote for Hampton Court. If your travel includes flying to or from Heathrow, you may be able to also work in Windsor on your arrival or departure day since it's only about 20 minutes from the airport.

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Did both castles in July and enjoyed both. But if I had to choose one, -- it would Hampton Court. I liked the kitchen tour, and the costumed actors put on a good tour. The children loved the garden maze and the two deerhound dogs.

Either castle can easily be reached by train and a short walk.