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5 days London itinerary

First 5 days of 3 weeks itinerary... help me please to know if this is ok...or to much... we are to young females traveling from Puerto Rico. July 31 flight to London August 1- get to London 9am, check in hostel, St. Pauls Cathedral, lunch, Milleniun Bridge, Convent Garden, Jack Reepers Walk (7:30pm) dinner. friday Aug 2- Stone Henge/bath trip Aug 3- Westminister Abbey (from outside), Buckingham Palace, Change of guards (depends on the itinerary), lunch at Trafalgars square, House of Parliament, Big Ben, dinner and London eye at night Aug 4- Tower of London (at opening), Toer bride, lungh at Borough market, London bridge Aug 5- British museum (10am), lunch, relax and Hyde Park, Princess Diana Memorial, Kensinton Palace, dinner August 6- Flight to Paris Is this ok, too much... any good cheap places to eat around this areas... We are thinking of renting bikes some of the days for transportation. thanks for all your help that you guys can give us...
happy traveling

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hi, from frist glance it appears doable. just one comment. Have you thought about taking the Eurostar to Paris? i did, its about 2h20min and it puts you right in Paris, not shuttle or train to get into Paris. just a thought. also, the 2 hours go by real fast and i spent the time chilling and had a big smile on my face reviewing/deleting the hundreds of pics i took in London. cheap eats are all around london. it will depend on what you like or can eat. I will usually stop by a M&S if they have a grocery outlet and buy a sandwich or food. There are "pasties" shops around too. I had some Falafals near UoL and ate in several of the restaurants/cafes in the museums. you can rent bikes, but i liked using the tubes and walking. Most of everything i did (and you can too) will be close to a tube stop. just an fyi, the British Museum is HUGE and sooooo cooool. Other than the Louve, its where i spent alot of my time. If you like it,i would try to spend as much time there. happy trails.

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Don't fly to Paris, take the Eurostar its cheap , fast and city center to city center ( when you fly you need to count the time and money commuting to and from the airports).
Its great arriving right in middle of city, no need to jump on a train ( which btw is about 10 euros into Paris from CDG) and takes another 40-45 minutes. Eurostar is 2 hrs and 35 minutes, you arrive at station about 45 minutes ahead ( they say 30 but don't cut it that close) , bring a snack with you, most people picnic on the ride, and when you arrive in Paris you just walk off and go, not more security , no collecting luggage etc.

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Shira, another good place to eat is at the Kensington Palace Orangery. August 3rd is good but nearly eveything you mention must be seen from the outside except lunch. Why are you not going inside Westminster Abbey? It's quite lovely. Also, The crypt is at Trafalgar Sq and would be a nice place to have lunch the day you go there. The National Gallery, which is free, is there too and they have a nice cafeteria,which is not free. This day you can walk pretty much to everything on your list. First the Changing of the Guard then to Trafalgar Sq. From there you can easily walk, and its an interesting walk, past Horse guards "the finest example of Paladian architecture in the whole of Britain" down to the Houses of Parliament,Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The eye is just accross the river. Another vote for not flying to Paris. Eurostar is is better, there is no airport to have to go to, you're already closer to the train station.
If your organize your days well, I don't think you'll even need a bike. I also like little places called Pret a Manger'. They're pretty much sandwich bars but I've also gotten things for breakfast there as well. Pastries and juice,that sort of thing. They are all over London.

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You're younger than me but you might not have the energy for the Jack the Ripper walk on August 1, your first evening in London. Most people don't get enough sleep on the overnight flight to Europe. It's good to walk around outside on your first day, as you have planned, before an early bed, but you might want to save the Ripper walk for another night. August 4 looks a little light. The Tower visit will take most of the morning (especially if you stand in line for the crown jewels), but you'll have time for more than a couple of bridges later in the day. I too recommend going into Westminster Abbey if you're at all interested in history or architecture or royalty. And I haven't done the math re cost, but the Eurostar to Paris would be a lot easier, and maybe faster, than flying. Have fun!

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Another vote for the Eurostar. It's less stress than flying and a more interesting way to get to Paris.......Don't miss going into Westminster Abbey. It's a fascinating glimpse into history. Definitely do it first thing in the morning because the lines get long......Tower of London- Hyde Park are at opposite ends of the city. Combine the Tower with St. Paul's (visiting the interior of St. Paul's is expensive and not nearly as interesting as Westminster Abbey IMHO), crossing the river to the south bank past the Globe Theatre to the London Eye....British Museum is free, you can just pop in and out whenever you are in the Bloomsbury area....Near Hyde Park is the Victoria and Albert museum (also free) - you might enjoy its exhibits. Google and check it out....The National Portrait Gallery (free) at Trafalgar Square has a view restaurant on top. You might enjoy it for a bit of a splurge - it's pricey but not exceptionally so.....Interesting tidbit: in London museums are mostly free, churches require admission fees, it's the opposite in Paris.

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You will want to get your Eurostar tickets as soon as you can. Tickets are available for purchase up to 120 days out and prices rise considerably as you approach your day of departure.