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4 year old to Ireland in October

My 4 year old son and I are meeting my husband in Ireland in mid-late October for 2 weeks.
I would like to know any suggestions for packing and for the weather. Do we need heavy jackets?
We will be renting an apartment for the 2 weeks w/ a clothes washer.

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The key to Ireland is layering your clothes. At times you will need to be bundled up...when you go inside or the sun comes out, you'll need to pare it down some. Heavy jackets take up a lot of valuable packing room (or are a pain to take on the plane). Wear a warmish but lighter coat (preferably waterproof or water resistant and with a hood), over a sweater or a rugby shirt and a long-sleeved tee....I think you get the idea. Having a washer will help you in keeping the packing to a minimum.

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Layering is a really good idea. But do make sure that the outer layer is waterproof and not just waterresistant. My first trip to Ireland was as a 10 year old in October - and it rained every single day and I did feel pretty cold several times. But it doesn't rain non-stop for hours on end. You do get nice breaks. Still, you want to make sure that your 4 year old doesn't feel miserable because he's wet and cold. Take some rubber boots for him as well!

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I have been to Ireland twice during October. Heavy jackets -- I would say no. Layers -- YES. I live in no. Illinois and found the weather quite mild. Traveled with a cousin from so. Cal. and she wore thermal underwear! And you always have to be prepared for some rain in Ireland, any time of the year.

You will have a wonderful time!

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The jackets need to be "waterproof" and not just water resistant.

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Hi Natalie - You're awfully brave to travel from Southern Cali to Ireland with a four year old! Hope you're not going to the east coast first then to Ireland - thats a 12 hour flight that we're making on Saturday - ugh. Anyway, the weather depends on where in Ireland you'll be - coast or interior? Google your location and look up the weather patterns, that will give a good idea of the average temperature and rain fall. I used and to my surprise it's raining now and only about 60 degrees - yippy. Have fun, hope you get some days without rain =)