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FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started planning my trip?
A: A good starting point is Rick's general travel-skills handbook, "Europe Through the Back Door." Many of your questions about specific countries/cities are answered in Rick's travel guides. Or, see Rick's online planning materials.

Euros? How do I get euros on my trip?
A: From ATM's - Rick explains why: Money Travel Tips

Packing: How do I pack for my trip?
A: Rick on Packing Light and also Rick's Packing List

Weather? What's the weather going to be?
A: We don't know more than a week out but this travel planner for weather might help.

Electrical Adapters? Do I need a voltage converter or just plug adapters?
A: Make sure your electronics have built-in 110/220-volt converters. If so, you just need adapters. If not, you need a voltage converter.

Transportation? How do I get from Destination A to B?
A: Get started with Rick's travel tips, train schedules, maps for driving or general planning, and flight search within Europe.

How do I search this site for previous discussions of the question I have?
A: Use our "Search" bar at the top of the website!

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