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Ireland vs Scotland

We are planning a 14 day trip. How should I split the trip? Majority of time in Ireland and 4 nights in Scotland or 5 nights in Scotland. We will be headed around the whole island of Ireland, fly into Glasgow then go to the highlands and back to Edinburgh for the Tatoo.

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4 or 5 nights should be fine in Scotland. You can pick up car in Glasgow and head north right away. Two or three days there, and then back to Edinburgh. For Edinburgh, drop the car off at the airport and use public transport in town - parking will be a nightmare in August, not that it isn't normally. You can then fly cheaply from Edinburgh back to Ireland or direct back to the US.

I presume this is next year, or you've already got accomodations & tickets for this year. Tattoo tickets for 2007 sold out last December, so if you are planning on going in 2008, make sure you get online as soon as they go onsale.


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If you're planning to literally circle the entire island of Ireland by car, you could easily spend all 14 days of your trip doing it--and still feel rushed. Driving in Ireland is slow. Stopping to take a walk on the spur of the moment, lingering in villages, and staying at least two nights in the same bed now and then is wonderful. I think you'll need to cut back on the number of miles you plan to drive in your nine (or ten) days in Ireland.

Since I haven't been to Scotland, I can't comment on whether four or five nights will be enough for what you are planning to do.

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I would leave Scotland for another trip as 14 days is barely enough to see Ireland without rushing. And Scotland is terrific on its own.Take lots of money Ireland is quite expensive.

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Debbie two years ago we had the same idea.Split between Ireland and Scotland.When I started researching I decided that in order to see Ireland completely we needed 14 days.We traveled the entire country south to west and north andback east thru N ireland.I am very happy that we did.In the 14 days we saw a lot and didnt feel rushed.Driving is the only way to go and driving on the left after a few hours is not bad.If interested I could tell you where we went and stayed .We found great B& regards jack in Wisc.

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Just a vote for 5 days in Scotland didnt find Ireland that interesting (just Back)

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Debbie, I agree with Jack's comment. I would devote all 14 days to Ireland, giving you a comfortable amount of time to see much of the country. Driving in Ireland is great, as the roads and towns are so quaint. You can leave Scotland for a future trip to the UK.

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My family and I just returned from Ireland/Scotland; we loved the Scottish Highlands, and plan to go back to Scotland. We took the train from London to Edinburgh, later flew into Ireland. We booked a tour while in Scotland through Highland Tours (Edinburgh), and tour guide Ian was excellent! Definitely a Scottish Patriot!

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Hi Debbie,
You can see a lot in Scotland in 4-5 days, but leave at least 2 for Edinburgh. The city is starting buzz now at festival time, and you'll want to enjoy it, too! A good way to balance your time might be to do some more scenery-oriented things, like hill walking and historic sites, and then save the city activities for Edinburgh. Then you'll get a wee taste of everything - kathleen

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I'd have to argue to spend all 14 in one country or the other. I personally would suggest Scotland! 2 or 3 days in Edinburgh, 3 days in the Caringorms in a small village like Aviemore, 4 or or more days in Inverness, 2 days in the Orkeny Islands and 1 or 2 on Skye or in Glasgow. We have been to the UK more than 40 times and just returned from a 2 and 1/2 week trip. We spent most of the time in Scotland!