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Hi, we are taking a day trip excursion on our cruise in May to London..I know they will take us to see the sights but I think we get some time on our own for shopping, etc...we would love to go to a great pub! Any suggestions?

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Avoid the pubs near obvious tourist haunts, like Picadilly Circus or Leicester Square. Don't be afraid of pubs in residential neighborhoods pubs down side streets. Cheers!

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The pubs in London are discussed much on TripAdvisor - London Forum. You can either access the website for information or the website which will give you tons of info on pubs, location, descriptions, etc.

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Rick has a section on "Pub Appreciation" in his London and Great Britain books. If it is convenient, try one of the really old pubs like Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (Blackfriars Tube. Or ask someone who is not a tourist for a recommendation. With the chains aggressively expanding, it takes some work to find a good independent pub, sad to say.

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There are a couple of good pubs in the Covent Garden area, as well as in the Victoria and Leciester Square areas. Just wander about during your free time. Most post the daily menu on a chalk board on the sidewalk. YUUUUUMMMMM........

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Thats a topic that could fill a book! If I were taking in one great pub, I would do the Churchill Arms in Notting Hill. Take the Central Line (the red one) Tube to Notting Hill Gate. Going through the turnstiles as you exit, bear left, then left up the steps. Walk straight to the first street intersection. Should be Kensington Church Street. As you make the right, notice across the street is the Old Swan pub. Continue up Kensington Church Street for approximately 5 blocks and you'll run into the Churchill Arms. In the back once you enter(sometimes nearly not noticed) is a fabulous Thai restaurant. Also close by is the Uxbridge Arms, another great spot. From the same Tube turnstiles, Left, then RIGHT up the stairs. Walk to the first intersection, go Left, then take the first Right (on Uxbridge Street). Its just up the street on your right.Enjoy!