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Debit card

does anyone know if bank of america debit cards work in ireland???? mine doesn't have a cirrus mark on the back....thanks

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I've got a BofA check card. No Cirrus, but Interlink and Plus. Ask BofA and they will tell you about their fees and where the card will work. If you have an online account with them, ask there and you'll likely get an answer in a few hours, avoiding the joy of dealing with BofA on the phone. I did. They said I'd pay a $5 transaction feed plus a 3 percent conversion charge for every transaction. They also provided a list of UK banks where the transaction fee would not be charged. One of the banks is Barclays, which is large with branches everywhere.

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BofA enjoys ripping off their customers as does Wells Fargo (Who I bank with). The banks charge a fee PLUS a percentage for using your own money. What a rip!

What I ended up doing was open a credit union account. Most C.U.s try to gain your business by offering lower or no fees for using another ATM. In Orange County, CA I opened with Orange County's CU and they waived 3 non CU ATM's per month. Since I was going to be in Europe for 2 weeks, that worked perfectly. Plus my CU account is not linked to any of my other accounts, so if I were to lose my card, the only thing the thief would have is access to my vacation "mad" money, which is still a lot of money but not access to my personal account!