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32 hour layover at Heathrow-what to do?

I will be goinf to Spain November st, however I have a 32 hour layover at Heathrow. I am NOT a history/museum buff..what is the best thing to do. What will the weather be like?

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London is a great city with so much to do no matter what you like. I would suggest starting with a hop on/hop off double decker bus tour. It's a great way to check out the city and decide what you want to see more of. You could go to St. Paul's cathedral or Westminster Abbey. Or do the British Eye to see London from above.

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Jackie, 32 hours is a long time!!

I will be there next month with only an 16 hr layover. I arrive at 2 pm, staying at a hotel near LHR. I'll drop my bags, hop back on the tube and head to the City. My sister loves a certain truffles from a chocolate place called "hotel chocolat" so I'm ordered to get a box. Then I'm going to get a bite to eat at a pub, then I've got tickets for the 8 pm show of Spamalot.

So for 32 hours, you'll have plenty of time to see the City, and that doesn't even touch a museum!

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Windsor is also a great place to visit from Heathrow. The castle is the best! Lots of neat little shops, and both Windsor and Eaton are great places to walk.

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Kristina: Windsor is close to Heathrow, practically right under the flight path, so close that legend has it that an American tourist once asked a guide why they located the castle so close to the airport. Be that as it may, bus # 50 makes the 30 minute trip twice per hour between Windsor and the airport, dropping you right below the castle near the TI--that was the bus number and the frequency in 2006, obviously it could have changed. Be aware that London black cabs can charge whatever they like from Heathrow to Windsor, and they do; avoid them by calling a local Windsor cab, the phone number for a Windsor cab in 2006 was 01753-677-677, and the 2006 fare for a Windsor cab was about £18.

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You might want to consider seeing a show (depending on flight schedule). It's easy to take the Underground into London itself. (However, I don't think I'd want to return to airport after an evening show using the Underground....but quite a few matinee performances.)