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3 Weeks in UK in September

Ok, the flight is booked so there's no turning back. I posted here a couple months ago and got some tremendous feedback, though I'd like to post again as some priorities have changed.   First and foremost - how difficult, logistically, would it be to include the northeastern portion of Ireland?   My thought is to take a ferry from Liverpool to Dublin, then head up to either Belfast or Derry as a base before heading to see Giants Causeway.   Dublin and GC are the two things we most want to see in Ireland. Skellig Michael, too, but the logistics for a three week trip just don't seem plausable based on it's location.   After a four days or so, we'd head from Belfast up into Scotland to resume our loop of the UK main island.   Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how to make this best? Does anyone think we're crazy for wanting to add this in?   The simple fact is that we far more interested in those two destinations than we are with say, Wales or York or the Lake District. I am certain we'd have a lovely time if we stuck to the main island and we'd grow to love the places that don't stand out to us, but this is just our preference.   We plan to train/bus the entire trip, though, so if this would cause too much of a logistics headache and take away from our enjoyment, I am open to your thoughts!
  Thanks,   Alex

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Eire is a small island. You can get from Dublin to the West Coast in less than 4 hours. Sounds like you'll be in England to start the trip. Personally, I'd fly. Ryanair has flights. I'd pick up the rental at the airport and head off to Belfast. Hour and a half at most to Belfast. Spend the night in Belfast and head out early in the morning to the GC or drive straight to the Causeway from Dublin. Explore, drive some more or find a b and b. Next day back on the road heading S. West. Plan your route with Skellig Michael as the focal point as this part of the journey. Nice all day drive with stops along the way from GC to maybe Galway. Overnight in Galway, on the road to Dingle, explore and then
off to wherever you've reserved a tour to Skellig Michael. Stay the night and set out for SK in the morning. Return to the mainland, spend another night and start back toward Dublin which ever route you want. Spent 9 days in Ireland and saw everything I wanted and more. Drove the entire island, even over the Sally Gap. Never rushed. Stayed in B and B's, one hotel in Dublin. Get a good map and off you go. Then a flight from Dublin to Scotland. It can be done if 4 days but if you really wish to give yourself time for Dublin, save SK for another visit.

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Visit Derry! I just returned from a trip to Northern Ireland, and visited Derry for the first time - I really loved the city and the people. Belfast is a fun city, very much a capital city, and I did enjoy my time there but I truly loved Derry, so I would have to recommend a stay in Derry.