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3 months in UK

We are looking to stay in the UK for more than 3 months next winter. I have checked a number of different websites including airbnb. Has anyone knowledge of a place they have stayed for an affordable cost? We need very little. Safe and clean and near a small village or city. We just want to immerse in the culture. Scotland, Ireland or England. We already have accomodations until December 27th. We don't care about the weather. It has been -36'C in our town.....anywhere but here next year will be great. Any suggestion would be fantastic. Thank you in advance.
Angela Canada

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I would look in the Inverness area. Maybe the Black Isle? Or Strathpeffer. I think I would not recommend Dingwall. Have you asked this question on TripAdvisor? You can get get to smaller geographic areas. The reason I like the Inverness area, is that I like Scotland. But it is winter and so being a "larger" "city" would be advantageous. It really is an overgrown town. There would be lots of local things to do. Pam

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Angela you need to edit your post, you should not post your full name and city on a public forum. Anyone can see it, read where your going away etc.. people do look on travel forums for that sort of too personal information. Remove your last name. Everything else is fine.

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What about picking 2,3 or 4 bases and stay in each about 3-6 weeks? That would let you get a nice taste of several areas. I'd consider London, York, Edinburgh, Inverness (as Pamela says it's a GREAT place) for city time. And maybe Aviemore or Kengussie in Soctland, the Snowdonia area of Wales, the Cotswolds, Brighton, or the Lake Dristrict in England for smaller towns and villages. Do some research on each area and decide which one(s) appeal to your interests. If you don't plan on having a car, be sure to check out public transportaiton in the more rural areas. I expect you'll want to do lots of day trips from what ever base(s) you pick.

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The Southwest counties of Cornwall and Devonshire have the mildest winter climate in the UK. It gets cold, rainy, and snowy, but usually not as much as the rest of the country. It is a beautiful area with picturesque villages and lovely coasts and countryside. Someplace on or near the South coast within an easy drive to Exeter and Dartmoor for day trips would cover many bases. We've visited Branscombe several times including wintertime. It is a picture postcard village that is worth consideration. We've always stayed in the Masons Arms hotel, so I can't advise about longer term accommodation.

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I agree with Toni with that much time you should stay in several places for a few weeks each if you can. I'd suggest larger cities, certainly London if you haven't spent time there already. Big cities are easier during the cold months, more to do indoors and better transportation. Keep in mind how little daylight there will be, especially in Scotland (Edinburgh is on a latitude with Ketchikan, Alaska, Inverness farther north). I'd suggest looking for apartments on,,, or other websites. Just google "vacation rentals" for the cities or areas you want. For longer stays, apartments (flats) are likely to be more comfortable and affordable than hotels, especially for a family (you didn't indicate how many of you there are).

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Angela, Inverness could easily attract me for three months. It's ideally located for easy exploration of the Highlands. It's big enough to have the services you need and want, but small enough not to be a hassle. You can easily navigate the town center on foot. (And, you have to. It's closed to autos.) I'd certainly include some time in London. A remarkable city. I'd suggest spending maybe a week in a hotel? London is really, really expensive and the idea of plunking down the credit card to cover an extended stay is daunting. Make plans and bookings from there, after you arrive. You're in Toronto so winter weather won't surprise you. That said, the weather in the UK has been very fickle and given to extremes recently, so who knows what you'll get. The UK is north of Toronto, more or less on the same latitudes as Newfoundland, so in the dead of winter the sun rises very late and sets very early. And Inverness is way up in the north. Plan accordingly.