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2nd question concerning 2013 trip to Ireland

How safe is Ireland to travel in without a "group tour"-just my husband & me?

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See my earlier response...and the answer to this question is - about as safe as one can be. The worst that can happen is you get lost - and you may meet some locals or discover a backroads pub that will make for some wonderful memories.

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Very safe. I have traveled solo, driving myself all over, several times. The Irish people could not be friendlier and are always willing to help with directions, restaurant recommendations, and local information.

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My wife and I have traveled all over Ireland. We never felt unsafe anywhere at any time. We drove, we walked and we took public transport. As said previously, the worst thing is getting lost and meeting new people who are more than willing to help.

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I was there a few months back. While I was in Dublin there were at least 2 gang related homicides - big cities all over the world have problems. Now those crimes were way out in the suburbs. I stayed for the most part around the Trinity College area and was out day and night and never felt any concerns. Everywhere else was delightful and everyone was friendly. Use your common sense and you'll have the trip of your life!

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Ireland is very safe; I have been many times travelling with one other person or a small group; usual precautions re not leaving your car (if you have one) unlocked, or with valuables in plain site, esp in the cities; same goes for carrying your money and credit card "close to the vest"; overall, Ireland is very safe, but have been increases in crime, drugs, etc. I strongly feel it is more fun to go NOT in a tour group; you never know when you might want to stay somewhere longer than the tour allows!! No language barrier, great roads, esp the newer highways; still twisty and narrow in the rural parts, but utterly delightful!!

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I would agree about feeling totally safe. The Irish are some of the warmest and friendliest people in all of Europe. They do have the gift of gab! Just a little note - road signage is not quite the same it is here in the states. In fact in Dublin, one of the corner street signs was on the 2nd story of a house about 100 feet from the intersection. After getting lost 4 consecutive days in a row, I just resigned myself everyday I was going to get lost. It became a running joke! We actually got to see things we hadn't planned on.