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2nd-class trains in Sweden

Our party of four is taking a mid-afternoon train (2nd class) from Stockholm to Oslo on June 11. Is it necessary to get a seat reservation, or are we likely to be able to find seats together? If we do get a reservation, can we choose seats together, or will they put us in any available seat, possibly not together?

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I would recommend getting a reservation. This will guarantee you a seat and you can request seats together. June 9-10 is a busy weekend in Stockholm, due to the marathon and also because the weather is usually great in June and everyone comes out for a big time. We almost got caught a couple years ago. Were travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen via train the day after the marathon. Little did we know that a huge number of people had the same idea as us, to hop on the train out of town. My wife and I and our 15 month old son were able to get on a train buying tickets last minute, but we did not get to sit together because the train was full.