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2for1 travel program

My husband and I will be traveling from Edinburgh to London by train then fly out of London in 5 days. Can we participate in the 2for1 travel program using our 1-way rail ticket ? I have just started reading about this and was on the FAQ section of the Days Out website and it said there that you need a valid rail ticket for the vouchers to work. Thanks.

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You cannot use the 2 for 1 on a one way ticket. Presumably you will be using public transport to get around London and presumably your train will arrive in London at Kings Cross Station. For 5 days in London you have the option of buying a 7 day Travelcard for zones 1&2 at Kings Cross railway station ticket office which will qualify you for the 2 for 1 promotions during your entire stay in London.
If you buy them from the Underground ticket office you will not qualify for 2 for 1.

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Thanks Bob. I kind of figured that out this morning. We will be buying the travel card so that's our valid rail ticket. We will be going to London in July and it's the first time that I've heard about this so I got excited :) Thanks.

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Yes you can. On the day of arrival in London you have a perfectly valid ticket which took you to London - the purpose of the promotion. The next day(s) your ticket is no longer valid so you no longer may use that ticket for the purposes of the 2for1.