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2for1 london

Says you need to you a paper rail ticket to London to get these deals. Taking the standard (non gatwick express) into London seems to satisfy the requirements. My question is when you hold return tickets. It looks like you can get the 2for1 deals during the time arrival and departure, do I have this right? We are buying our tickets into London on the 8th and departure on the 17th of February.
Thanks for any clarification.

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Your return rail tickets from Gatwick to London will qualify you for the 2 for 1 discounts for your entire stay, arrival, departure, and all days in between. Do not feed your ticket to London into an exit barrier, it will be eaten. Show your ticket at a manned gate and hold onto both the inbound and outbound tickets.

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According to the FAQs at, you are correct. However, it does say you must show both the outward and return portion of your tickets to qualify for the 2-for-1 deals and reminds you to tell the train staff that you need to keep the outward portion of your ticket.