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2for1 deals and Travelcard in October 2013

We are planning on purchasing the 7-day travelcards for our 8 day trip to London in October 2013. If we purchase the travelcards at a rail station, we can use them on 2for1 deals. However, I read on the official tfl (transport for London) website that starting Sept 15, 2013, 7-day and longer travelcards will only be issued via Oyster card. So this means that I will no longer be able to use the 2for1 deals, because Oyster cards do not work for those, even if there is a travelcard loaded on it. Is my conclusion correct? Does anyone have more information about this change?

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Denise, This is what TFL states: London Overground is moving to Oyster From Sunday 15 September 2013, 7 Day or longer period Travelcards will only be available on Oyster at TfL operated London Overground ticket offices. This message is specific to the Overground (a local commuter train) stations. This is not the same as National Rail. You can still buy a paper travelcard at a National Rail station and this is the type you need for the 2for1. You will need a photo for a photo id.

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Covered here. Note that it is who manages the station that is the point, not if Overground trains use it.

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Thanks so much for the clarification. I am thrilled to still be able to use the 2for1 deals, as this will save us a lot of money.