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reset tourist visa for extended travel in the UK

I am a US citizen who will travel to the UK to research and interview for jobs in London, in addition to touring for pleasure. I will not work in the UK until I have a work visa, but I imagine this process will take some time in this economy and so I plan to travel throughout the UK. I do plan to return to the US to apply for a work visa, but would like to stay in or near the UK until a job is secured if possible, to minimize expense. I'd like to know if there is a way to reset the 90 tourist visa for the UK by traveling to another country for a few days and then returning. how many days do you have to stay out of the country? can one do this repeatedly? Is there a limitation on how many days you can stay within a period of time (90/180 days)? With the current changes in UK immigration law, it seems impossible to find out how to stay in the country within the bounds of the law.

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