Norway in a Nutshell

Is it possible to do Norway in a Nutshell without an overnight stay in fjord area? We are staying in Oslo and have limited time, but were hoping to see the fjords.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Yes. When you book your tour from the website ( you are given the option of one-way or round trip. But going round trip makes for a very long day. You may want to consider staying overnight in Bergen and flying back to Oslo the next morning. One way fares are usually about $65 via SAS airlines.

Posted by Lawrence
New York, NY, USA
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Yes, this is possible. When I did the Norway in a Nutshell trip about 6 years ago, I opted to spend the night in Bergen (very nice town, with great easy hiking options in the hills above the city), BUT, several people who were on the N-i-N trip w/ us did return to Oslo that night. IF you have the time and could spare one extra night/day, I would advise spending the night in Bergen, but if you are absolutely pressed for time, then you can do it all in 1 day and be back in Oslo that night. N-i-N is fantastic, regardless of how you do it- enjoy!

Posted by Suzanne
Kapolei, HI
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I think it depends upon the train schedule. I took the tour in 2000 when I got to Oslo a day ahead of my hotel reservations, and I spent the nite on the train back to Oslo. But I have heard others not being able to go and return the same day. The off season train schedules-like everything else in Norway are not the same as high season. I plan to go this summer and take the tour with my sister and cousin and stay in hotel in Bergen (not a cheap option!!) and return the next nite to Oslo. Make sure you stow your luggage in Oslo. You certainly dont want to drag all that stuff with you on the tour.