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London Pass

Looking at the London Pass with Travel for an upcoming trip. Found two websites that offer online, but the prices are dramatically different. For 4 tix, one was $454 ( and the other was $361 ( Obviously, I'd go with the cheaper one, but should I be leery? Why such a big price difference do you think?

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Without knowing your travel plans and which places you wish to visit charge admission, I can't say definitively that you won't get your money's worth out of the London Pass with Travel. However, generally speaking the travel portion is not a good deal and many museums in London are free. You can probably save money by using some other means to travel around London (e.g., an Oyster Card) and by simply buying tickets at those sites (e.g., the Tower of London) that charge admission.

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The London pass is worth it if you plan on really going wild on sightseeing. I bought the 1 day pass without travel and my husband and I "forced" ourselves to 3 attractions just to break even.

The pass without travel is just as convenient because you can purchase the travel pass (ie: bus, tube) for the duration of your stay, and then not have to be pressured into using the London Pass for your entire stay.