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Train from York to London

I booked on the website for a ticket from Liverpool to Edinburgh for 54 GBP. When I went to book York to London for May 14th the site wanted
83 GPB for a shorter journey. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be on a different site? I am 90 days out from my booking and the site wanted more money for a shorter distance. Help is appreciated

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You're on the right site, but you're booking too far ahead to get discount fares. Those fares usually are posted around 60 days in advance. If you book farther ahead, you have to pay full fare. If you had timed it right, you could have paid around £10 for Liverpool-Edinburgh. If you wait a bit, you can get a similar fare for York-London. Look on the right-hand side of the NXEC home page to see the farthest date that you can book to get the cheapest fares.