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24 Hrs in London

I have a day layover in London in a couple weeks. I've been there about 15 yrs ago, and am excited to see the city again. I don't want to run around too much, and am not really interested in a city tour. Any recommendations for highlights to visit? Also, I'm looking for a cheap hostel near (or easy access to) London Gatwick.

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If I were going back to London for a day, I think I would revisit one of the top sights again--The Tower, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum. Also, if it's a nice day I would absolutely take a ride on the London Eye. This will be interesting to see what people recommend. Pam

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We like to walk. That said, I would start with a visit to Westminster Abbey, then walk along the south bank, maybe ride the London Eye if you have tickets in advance or no long lines........When you get to the Globe Theatre, use the pedestrian bridge to cross the Thames and get a nice view of St. Paul's. The Globe has a nice pub where you could get lunch.........I would recross the bridge, continue on the south bank until I got close to the Tower of London. Enter if you have enough time, otherwise take a cab to the British Museum or you could walk to the Museum of the City of London.........Enjoy the highlights of the museum, then go to St. Martin's in the Field and have a substantial snack / early supper in the crypt....... Finish with a play. This is about six miles of walking (spread out over a day) and a three mile cab ride. It's a lot less walking if you skip the Tower of London, which is quite a bit east of the other sights.....Google maps will give you walking distances in major cities-click on the little human.

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I would revisit Westminster Abbey, then perhaps a one day hop on off Big Red Bus tour. In the evening take a cruise on the Thames and ride the Eye about 8:00 pm for great sunset if the weather is good.

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I always gravitate to Westminster Abbey as my primary goal, then wander around Westminster, visiting the horses at Horse Guards, St James park if i feel like a green break, Trafalgar Sqaure and then probably window shop down Piccadilly and Burlington Arcade. National gallery, and if bthe energy is right- see whats available in the theater. All in very close proximity

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We just did a half day in London (and granted, we were there only a year ago, so a bit different than your situation). But the weather was amazing, and we ended up just wandering...started in Earls Court through Kensington, then up to Holland Park and Notting Hill, through some of the fun shopping streets like Portobello Road, stopping along the way for a browse or a scone/coffee, then into Hyde Park (stopped at Orangerie, and the gardens of Kensington Palace), then back out into Kensington, popped into the Victoria and Albert Museum, then back down to Sloane square and started heading west back to Earl's Court. It was such nice weather we just wanted to soak it all in. If you want to re-visit a site, I might suggest Westminster, or St. Paul's (climb all the way up to the top roof of the dome, such a great view)...I've heard a river walk is lovely as well. Finally, on a work trip a few years ago I did one of the london walks ( pub walks at night-- it was a nice way to see some of the city, learn something, meet a few people and have a pint without going to a bar alone. Enjoy!