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I know - a long time from now. But I wanted to get info on east london, Stratford and Newham locations. It's the "lower lea valley" area.
They will be revitalizing the whole area, was curious if anyone has stayed near there?

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Glad to see that the 2012 Olympics in London are already causing a stir! It's never too early to start planning and plotting. Good for you! You must be really looking forward to it!

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It's the famous ( infamous ? ) East End of London. I love it and it has one of my favourite theatres in the world The Theatre Royal in Gerry Raffles Square.

That havin been said it is still a very deprived area of London. Like any cosmopolitan area of any city it has it's saints and it has it's sinners. It's full of character and characters. It's a place where you can get your pocket picked and meet ladies of dubious virtue and eat wonderful food and make make friends that will last a lifetime.

So our government is going to clean up the East End for 2012 ? I wish them luck ! Hitler couldn't beat the Cockneys and neither will a bit of fresh paint and a few new hotels.

It's one of the greatet places on Earth and the East Enders are the finest people God made, just keep your eyes open and DON'T buy any 'genuine' Rolexes off of the geezers on the street corner.

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Thanks "Flight Attendant" and "Al". I've always wanted to attend a summer olympics and over the past several years developed an interest in touring the UK so to be able to do both at the same time is exciting.
I'm hoping to spend about 4, maybe 5 weeks, touring UK and attending the olympics.
Al, I'll make sure to wear a moneybelt when visiting east london. lol