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£20 notes

Just a little FYI. Our last trip to the UK was a few years back, and like many others we put our left over pounds in a drawer for future use. We went to Ireland this year and took our left over £'s to use on a day trip to Ulster. Much to our surprise no one would take our 20's, it seems the one's we carried had recently been withdrawn and replaced with a new version. Problem was solved by popping into the nearest bank who gladly exchanged them for us.

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OK, Ireland uses the Euro, not the pound, so you exchanged your Pounds for Euros, right?

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Ulster is Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. The UK uses pounds. You are correct The Republic of Ireland uses euro's. We exchanged pounds for pounds.

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@Dave, No that's not what he did....Ulster is in Northern Ireland so Peter was spot on....he exchanged his old £20 notes for new £20 notes.

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Peter, thanks for the tip and Ken, thanks for the info about the Bank of England. We have a few old pound notes we've kept for future trips. Not sure how old they are, but this comment on the Bank of England site was a bit comforting: "Are old Bank of England notes worthless?" "No; all Bank of England notes retain their face value for all time. If your local bank, building society or Post Office is not willing to accept these notes then they can be exchanged with the Bank of England in London. For more information on how to exchange Bank of England banknotes that have been withdrawn from circulation see the exchanging banknotes page." Bank of England

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Peter, I can't recall how I learned about this problem, but I became aware last year that certain types of £20 notes were about to be withdrawn. I also had a few of the affected notes left over from past trips, so was a bit concerned. The Bank of England website provided a form to return these to the U.K. for exchange, which is what I did. I received a Bank Draft a few weeks later for the equivalent amount. I visited the local four currency ATM in this area to replace them, so I still have some "travelling money" on hand. Here's info on the ATM: The nearest one in your general area appears to be: Cheers!