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2 weeks in the UK itinerary

I am wondering if this could work. Any advice will be helpful.
Day 1: Arrive to Heathrow in the morning, rent a car, drive to Chipping Campden. Day 2 & 3: Drive up to York and stay 2 days. Day 4: Loch Lomond area. Day 5 & 6: Oban/Mull/Iona. Day 7: Glencoe/Ft. William/Inverness. Day 8: Inverness. Day 9: Pitlochry/Stirling. Day 10 & 11: (drop off rental car) Ediniburgh. Day 12 & 13: train to London, stay two days. Day 14: Fly home.
Will I be entirely drained by the end of this trip or is this reasonable?!

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Itinerary planning is mostly a matter of personal preference. However, it appears you may not have allowed sufficiently for the travel time it takes to change locations and drive to the next destination (pack up, check out, get to the car, drive to next destination, repeat that process, etc).Specific comments:Day 1: Some travelers are cautious about jumping into a rental car and driving on the left side after flying what is essentially all night (based on the traveler's local time), missing a night's sleep, arriving in Europe "in the morning" local time, and renting a car while jet lagged and more tired than you might expect.Day 2: It appears you're not giving yourself time to see the Cotswolds, is that your intention, to not see the Cotswolds?Day 4: That's going to be a very tiring day with not enough time to see the Loch Lomond area.Day 12 & 13: If this is a first visit to London, then 2 nights is not enough.

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I agree with Kent. The first thing I noticed was the lack of time allowed for travel between places.

I also agree with jumping in the rental car on arrival. It will take some getting used to driving on the "other" side of the road. Being tired and jet lagged may not be the best idea.

I also agree that two days in London is really sparse if you haven't been there before.

A suggestion might be.....upon arrival at LHR, fly to Edinburgh. Spend your two days in Edinburgh, sightseeing, and getting over jet lag. Then rent a car to see all the places in Scotland you planned. Drop the car off in Edinburgh. Train to York. Train to London. You can then rent a car for a day or two to visit the Cotswalds.

But, for two weeks, you may be trying to see too much.

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It takes much longer to drive between places in the UK that it does in N. America. As a rule of thumb, I estimate double the time. So for a journey of say, 60 miles which would take about an hour in N.America, I would allow 2 hours in the UK.
That's just my experience after living 25 years in Canada and the US and 12 years here. Others may be better at this than I am!

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Thank you for all your replies! I have been to England and spent lots of time in London and the Cotswolds. Because of the feeling of "go go go" in a larger city, I thought of maybe starting out slow and heading to the Cotswolds. Luckily, I have driven there many times and didn't mind. I want to see the countryside and thought I was packing too much in to those days and spending too much time on the road. I am also travelling with others who have been to London but not to the Cotswolds or driven up the countryside. I don't want to feel too stressed but am wanting to see it all!!! :) So, for 14 days in the UK and wanting to see all the places, what are some recommendations for the cities mentioned? Are there some that should be left out as maybe they aren't too impressive?? Trains and planes vs. driving? I will definitely take everything in to consideration!! Thank you! Natalie

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If the driving away from Heathrow while jetlagged isn't an issue, then perhaps easy back on the itinerary might keep you from spending hours per day in the car.

How about going directly to Edinburgh or Inverness from Heathrow and basing your Scotland tours from there? Then, drop off the rental, take the train to York, spend the two days there, and then take the train from York to London.

I'm actually plotting out a two-week UK visit for September. I arrive Heathrow in the evening and am looking at flying that night or the next morning to Inverness, meandering in the Highlands, then the train to Edinburgh for a couple of days, followed by York for a day (been there already) and finishing in London.

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JC and Natalie, JC's plan to start in Inverness is a good one. And flying there then training back is a good way to do it. I'd also suggest considering a stop in Aviemore. It is a small village about halfway between Inverenss and Edinburgh. It is beautiful and has lots to do. It is in the Caringorm Mts. There is a restored steam train and a funicualr up Mt. Caringorm as well as lots of hiking, horseback riding, etc. There is even a local microbrewery that does tours (try their "Blessed Thistle" brew).