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2 weeks in the UK.

Me and two friends are planning a 2 week trip to the UK in early April 09. Never traveled abroad and need all the advice we can get. First and foremost, money. Is using your debit/credit card the norm in UK? I know its no big deal when it comes to countries that use the Euro, just not sure about the British Pound. Since we have 2 weeks we want to see as much as we can. We were planning on just going from town to town and staying as long or as short as we'd like. Is this a good idea, or is it better to find one or two different places to stay and do day trips from there?

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Yep, you can use your debit card. It's the best way to go. We've had tons of posts here on that subject. When I travel in the UK I usually try to stay a minimum of 2 days in a spot, but I view that as a rule that can and should be broken! I've not traveled in early April in the UK, but I bet its beautiful. They have real spring there like I think you do in Tennessee. We don't get it so much up north in Wisconsin. LOL. If I were you, I'd absolutely book my first night and my last night. You might want to do some research to see what your "must sees" are. You might not all agree and find that some negotiation is needed. At a minimum you need to consider how far north and west you want to go. In other words, are Scotland and Wales on your itinerary? I am sure it will be a great trip.

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You could see a lot of England in two weeks. You and your friends have two options, you could stay in one general area like the south west part (Wiltshire, Devon,l and Cornwall) which you completely keep you busy for two weeks. Your second option would be to see more areas of England, which you could do very easy. You could take a train from London to York picking up a rental car and driving south and stopping at areas that you want to see. There will be daffodils and baby lambs thru out England that time of year. You could have a cold day (average temp that time of year is around 50) to some beautiful sunny days. The three of you should read some travel books to see what interest you then you could plan what you want to do. What's great about just going from place to place that even if you have a plan you can change it if you find something else that you want to do or see. Having a car gives you freedom to go as you please.

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Steven, early April is an amazing time to travel the UK. It will be a little cold, but nothing unbearable. The north of England is especially beautiful--it will be covered with daffodils and just born lambs.

As the other poster said, ATMs and credit cards are the easiest way to pay for things, as you often get a better exchange rate. Just make sure you know how much your credit card will be charging you (some charge a hefty over-seas fee) and that some cash or travelers cheques in pounds sterling on hand is always a good idea just in case. Take out as much money at ATMs as you can at once, though, to avoid the charges there.

My personal opinion is though you might not get to see as wide range of things as you would if you were traveling quickly, you get to know a place much better and have a far more relaxing holiday if you just stay longer in a couple of places. You discover all those little off-the-beaten track areas that really make memories and you will almost begin to feel like a local! Also, you often get good deals on bed and breakfasts if you stay 3 or more nights, or you could save a lot of money by renting a self-catering cottage for a week or more.

Whatever you decide, I know you'll have a great time. Britain is amazing. Happy traveling!

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You may want to preplan your routing and transportation ahead. Britain is wonderful but expensive. SInce you are 3 , a car (except London)might be best option for flexibility and to divide betw 3 best cost option too. Some areas are more difficult to get to as Cotswolds w/o car, stonehenge, avebury ... just plan on a costly trip and use RS guidebk for guidance.Preplanning your route alos helps with sticker shock. London could be one of your longest stays as it is jammed packed with wonderful sights and a bonus as many museums are free.