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2 weeks in Lapland

My husband & I will be in Finland for the month of July. We will be at a family reunion in Kuusamo and visiting a nephew in Oulu. That time is accounted for, but for 2 of the weeks we are renting a car (despite the cost of rental & gas) and travelling North along the Finland/Sweden border to Tromso, Norway to Alta & over to Hammerfest. Then South to Rovaniemi and over to Kuusamo for the reunion. Any helpful hints of places to go & see? Ideas for lodging? I understand the fjords in N Norway are not as spectacular as the South - but we want to do some sort of fjord cruise or ferry trip. What about Kiruna, Sweden. I'm not sure we want to travel the extra miles to get there. Maybe we will just travel the border & cross over into Sweden. Southern Finland - Helsinki etc were covered on a previous trip. This one is focusing on the North. Kiitos for any hints! (PS I understand the mosquitos can be a big problem. Other than OFF w/deet any ideas to battle that problem?)

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hello, I cannot help you here but I would love to talk to you about your trip when you get back.. I want to go to my family roots(grandparents) in Vaasa but they came to the US around 1910 and little is known. So I would like to hear about your experience before I make sold travel plans for 2009 summer. Thanks. Margaret Ilona Alquist