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2 week trip--1 week in London, where else?

Help! We will be in London for 1 week and am not sure where else to go. Everyplace sounds so beautiful and interesting. We are a family of 3, 2 adults and a difficult teen. It's probably best if we stay in 1 other town and take daytrips from there. I was thinking of going to Bath and taking daytrips around the Cotswalds for the 2nd week of our trip. What do you think?

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Why not take the Eurostar to Paris for the second week? Rent an apartment (with cable tv for the teen) and explore this beautiful city with or without him/her. Or go up to Scotland - start in Edinborough and sidetrip from there. Maybe the kid would like to visit Grandma for two weeks or go to summer camp and you could all have fun? I think just driving around the countryside would not interest a teenager very much, especially with the parents. He (she?) would probably enjoy it more if building the itinerary were a joint project. If you decide on Paris, there are lots of people on this board who have great suggestions for keeping a teen interested.

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I am not sure your "difficult" teen would enjoy the Cotswolds very much. Have you considered Scotland. You could do a week in either Inverness or Edinburgh. Both have LOTS of day trips and interesting things to do in and around town. Personally, I'd perfer Inverness. The other alternative I'd suggest is Wales- either Cardiff or the Snowdonia area.

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I would spend the first week in Paris, then Eurostar to London, with such activities as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Cafe in the Crypt, London Eye, and lots of plays in the evenings. Both these cities can keep a difficult teen happy in some way...they are both so uniquely vibrant. Let your difficult teen help to select.