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2 week schedule for Scotland?

I am planning a 2 week trip to Scotland for summer 2009. My wife would prefer to go there rather than my suggestion of Northern Italy. Other than Edinb what else is there? I intend to rent a car. Maybe I have been spoiled by Bavaria, Austria, France and England but I am having a hard time getting excited abouty Scotland. Am I an idiot? I here it is beautiful...Even Rick S. does not have alot about Scotland. If you have been there I need you insight and help. Please... Thanks alot

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Scotland is one of my favorite desitnations- been there almost 40 times in 20 years. Edinburgh is worth 2 days. Then take the train (cars are NOT needed in my opinion) to Aviemore- a wonderful small village. It has "ourtdoor adventure" type stuff, a microbrewery that gives tours and samples, plus the Caringorm Mts., a restored steam train, etc. along with beautiful scenery. From there you can also tour some distilleries by train or bus. Well worth 2-4 days. Then train to Inverness- stay there 4-9 days. Lots of day trips and things to do- Culloden, Clava Cairns, Loch Ness boat trips with stops at Uquart Castle, boat trips on the firth, more distilleries, day trips to Isle of Skye and Eliean Donnan Castle, Glen Coe, Great Glen, even to the Orkeny islands and more. You could add 1 or 2 days and go to Glasgow (more distilleries, art galleries, etc.) Feel free to private message me.

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I'm personally not crazy about Edinburgh or Glasgow, 1 or 2 days each tops, but the countryside is wonderful. I have done it by train and by car and prefer car. The Isle of Skye is gorgeous and worth 3-4 nights. The quiet side of Loch Ness (South) is also a treat. My husband loves the Whisky Trail and I cooperate as the designated driver. The other islands are worth the time, too.I have never made it to the Orkneys but they are on my to do list.

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I absolutely adore Scotland. It is quite beautiful, but in a subtle, quiet kind of way. It's not as spectacular as the Alps, but it is really lovely. The Isle of Skye is my favorite place -- parts of it are extremely scenic and even dramatic and unique. I would try to spend at least three days there if you enjoy hiking.

Edinboro is my favorite city I have ever been too. THe setting is fantastic. I don't generally get that excited about cities, but Edinboro is an exception. It's beautiful and has great architecture. I once spent a week there and didn't get tired of it. For a first trip to Scotland, I would try for two or three dyas.

The highlands are wonderful. You'ver already gotten some good advice on where to go there.

The islands of Scotland (beyond Skye) are very neat as well. The Orkneys are a special treat, though they are a bit of a pain to get too. You might want to save them for a second trip. From Skye you can get to Lewis and Harris (actually one island with two names). I really enjoyed them. Another option is to go to Oban on the west coast. It's a great jumping off point for the Inner Hebrides. We took the three-island tour to Mull, Iona and Staffa and loved it.

Finally, one great benefit of Scotland is that it is normally fairly cool in the summer. It's so much more enjoyable to hike and tour in cooler weather.

Good luck! I hope you love it as much as I do.