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2 question re. eating: Train from London to York and in York

Hi, We are arriving at LHR on this Saturday at 10:10 am then making our way to King's Cross (via private car service) to take train to York. Is there a good place to grab some lunch by King's Cross to eat on train? Also any helpful hints for finding our way to our train? (first timers - have a flexi-pass). Then when we arrive in York, any suggestions for a good dinner spot? Would prefer something on the healthy side (after all the travel food). We are staying at The Groves. I realize it is a race weekend, but also that there is a special concert after the races. Do you think we need to make reservations somewhere? Will probably be eating on the early side since we will all be tired.

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Last time we used King's Cross station there was a Burger King and several other food stands/ small resturant right inside the station. There is also usually a dining car on the train from London to York and a "snacks trolley" that goes up and down the asile selling srisps (chips), fruit, sandwiches, biscuts (cookies), etc. as well as water, soda and coffee and tea.
Our favorite resturant in York is called Gert and Henry's. It is in a half-timber house just at the edge of the Shambles near the market. Wonderful food with many traditional English dishes (I loved the roast beef with yorkshire pudding and the sauted chicken breast with herbs and hubby raved about the fish and chips and the pork chops). When they bring you the check they give you a piece of "tablet"- homemade butterscotch fudge- it is to die for. ( you can see a picture and reviews of it here or here

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If you head over to St. Pancras there are several good eating places, including my favorite sandwich shop, Pret a Manger. Have a crayfish and rocket for me....

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St Pancras station is a few hundred yards west on Euston Road from King's Cross. It's a much nice station than it's neighbor. Get to King's Cross early enough to look around the station and figure out what track your train will use. You will see a huge schedule board on which everyone's eyes are fixed. Locate your train by its departure time and final destination. (In your case, very likely Edinburgh or Inverness.) The gate will be posted. Go find it. About 10 minutes before departure, your train will be called. Bear in mind that the first class coaches will be nearest the station.