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2 parts: Bath on Sunday, Heathrow to Bath at night

Likely will be in Bath for a Saturday and Sunday in mid-October. Does anyone know if shops and sites are generally opened on Sunday? If we decide to do one of the Wells/Stonehenge tours do these likely run on Sunday as well?

We land at Heathrow around 8:30 pm on a Monday night. I was thinking of heading into London for that part of the trip. Would it be better to try to get to Bath this night? Basically, upon just arriving in England for the first time at this time of night, would it be best to head to Bath or London?

Thanks, all.

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Yes, the sites and shops will be open on Saturday and Sunday. If you land on time around 8:30pm it will be at least 9:30pm if not later before you get out of the airport. I would either go into London or take a taxi to Windsor (it's a 15 minute ride) and spend the night. There are 3 ways to get into London, you could get the tube (£3.80)( into London by the Piccadilly line which is the less expensive, the Heathrow Express train goins into Paddington Station (£14.00 one way), or the Heathrow Connect train into Paddington Station (£6.90).