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2 nights Doolin Vs Dingle

We will be arriving the night before we plan to do our drive around Dingle (Night 1). After the drive, should we stay another night in Dingle or drive to Doolin and stay 2 nights there? Thank you!

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That's a hard question. We did 1 night in Doolin & then another night in Kilkee and then 2 in Dingle. If we'd had more time I'd have done 2 in Doolin. It depends on which you prefer. Dingle is a fun, small town. Lots of shops to poke into, restaurants to chose from, and pubs. We took our time on the drive, too. Stopped a lot, poked around at all the stops RS recommends and a couple that were signs we followed. Doolin was fun, we could have easily driven the Burren and gone back for a second night of music. Do you have to make reservations and decide? You could just plan on 3 nights between the 2 places and make a decision when you are done with the Dingle Loop drive. If it's pouring down rain you may want to just move along. If the weather in Doolin is awful you may want to stay in Dingle.

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You could spend the whole day driving around the Dingle peninsula. We did that and then spent the night before going back on to Doolin. Doolin is a very small place whereas in Dingle tow there is much more to see. I guess it is a personal decision.

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If you're a whirlwind traveler, you would probably be bored in Dingle a second day. If you enjoy ambiance and slow travel, you will want to minimize one night stays as much as possible.

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Dingle is my favorite place in Ireland. I vote for two nights there.

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Dingle is also my favorite place in Ireland and so has my vote. I actually stayed there 8 nights!

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Doolin is nice -- but Dingle is better. The more time you can spend there the better.

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Doolin is for the trad music, the pubs and the small, small boat the the Aran Islands. The pubs are lively....BUT, don't go there expecting to hear trad from other years. Every group seems to have composed their own music, and wants to play those songs and just maybe, sell a few CD's. The only "Whiskey in the Jar" is what you order from the bartender.

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I agree with Martin. Doolin is nice but Dingle is better. We were there last year and made do with one night in Doolin, but decided on 2 nights in Dingle. The scenery was breathtaking! We are already planning a trip back! BTW, The Lighthouse B&B in Dingle is a pleasure to call home for a few days, I would highly recommend it.

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Doolin is one block long. Suppose to have good music at night. Dingle has more to see and a lovely village to tour. Take the drive for sure. It is more touristy.