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2 for 1 Travelcard deal

Could someone please explain the London 2 for 1 Travelcard promotions? I will be in London for 2.5 days w/ 1 other person and wanted to know if this was my best option. Thanks

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It only works if you are training into London. Not applicable if you are flying in.

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In London you can buy travelcards issued by either Transport for London (this will be loaded on to an Oyster smart card) or one issued by the National Railway companies (a paper card). Both are good for travel on all forms of general transport within the London area (apart from Heathrow Express) and there is little if any difference in price. However, it is only the second card that will allow you to claim the 2 for 1 entry ticket deals because the scheme is subsidised by the National Rail companies. Buy them from the mainline railway stations in the city NOT TFL Underground station ticket offices. For both you can get 1 or 7 day travelcards. Presume you have looked at the 2 for 1 site. PS - for most visitors a card covering Zones 1 and 2 is more than adequate. If you need to travel to Heathrow just buy an ordinary ticket on the day.

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Linda, does this mean if you get a 7 day travel card you get two for one everyday of the 7?

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@David :- That answer is not entirely accurate. A person may be flying to any of the 6 London area airports. At Stansted, Luton (at Luton Airport Parkway), Southend, and Gatwick any ticket anywhere on the National Rail network is available for purchase. Any National Rail ticket to and/or from London issued by a rail company (Not Heathrow Express or Heathrow Connect), including paper Travelcards issued by them, or any other National Rail ticket office will meet the criteria of the subsidized offer. That can't be done at London City because there is no National Rail train station there, just the Docklands Light Railway which is part of TfL and a Travelcard from them doesn't qualify. A similar answer for Heathrow because the only rail out is the Tube and the two rail lines mentioned above and none of them qualify. However, it is true that if you were to use the Heathrow Express or Heathrow Connect to Paddington you could buy a NR Travelcard from the NR train ticket windows at Paddington. @Linda - agree @A&A - yes @Carson - maybe yes and maybe no. How are you arriving, and where? What things do you want to see? Depending on all that, and what you have seen before will hang the answer. Remember that some high hitters are spendy and are covered by the promotion; others are not. Virtually all the major museums are completely free in London so if you spend your 2 and a half days in The V&A, The British Museum, The British Library, The National Portrait Gallery, The National Gallery and dozens more you won't need to spend a farthing and if you walk a lot and don't reach the Oyster cap the Travelcard may not be the best deal for you.

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@Nigel I'm flying into Heathrow on Saturday morning then train to London Euston, train to Liverpool. I'll be coming back to London Euston on Monday afternoon, and will leave for the USA on Thursday morning.