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2 days in Galway

Have 2 extra days in Galway, Ireland (am previously doing a 6 day horseback riding treck)- Really wanted to do St. Patrick's Croagh but don't have transportation and realize it is High season- so, need to know what there is to see around Galway and or any idea of an agency that takes individuals on day trips? Kathy

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From Galway you could visit the Aran Islands and / or Connemara. We always have a car, but I believe there are day trips available from Galway to the Aran Islands. Go to the largest island so you can visit Dun Aengus, a huge hill fort on the edge of a cliff.

Looking at what Judy wrote below about day trips, I would suggest if you have two full days, do both of the day trips. Enjoy Galway city center early morning or late afternoon when you get back. It's enjoyable to walk around there and the shopping is good, but we didn't find that much there to fill our time.

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There are some really good tourism websites for Galway. Here is a lovely one that is easy to use:

This website has an easy directory of Things To Do and Places To Visit, etc. You didn't say what you liked to do (shop, visit museums, etc.) so it's hard to give specific recommendations. Have fun browsing and planning! :D

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We just got back and took a really great all day bus tour of the Connamara. We used the Galway tour co. Picked you up right in town or at your hotel if you request and it was $25.00 Euro a piece for the day. It gave my husband a day off of driving and we really saw a lot of the country side. It leaves at 10am and arrives back at 5:30 pm They also have a tour of the Aran Island. We didn't have time to do both while we were there.

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Connemara and the Aran Islands were my first two thoughts. You should also be available to find transportation to the Cliffs of Moher.

By the way, is there any reason you couldn't rent a car for the two days? Being able to travel at your own pace and stop where and when you want makes travelling the Irish countryside so enjoyable.

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Kathy - the others have great suggestions. I just wanted to add: Don't feel bad about missing Croagh Patrick. A few years ago a friend and I hiked it and it was an all-day affair if you stop to look at the scenery or try to go slow so as not to slip on the scree that is pretty much makes up the entire trail. I was reasonably fit, early 30's, wearing good hiking boots, using a walking stick, but it was not very enjoyable because there was so much to try to not slip on. The way down was worse, I slipped several times and ended up with lots of bruises on my bottom! However, the view from the top was beautiful, and knowing St. Patrick visited that spot did make it worthwhile... But I would not do it again.

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We took a day trip out of Dublin on Bus Eireann that went to Newgrange, Hill of Tara, Boyne Valley. They also offered a day trip to Glendalough. The trip was well paced and a great value.

I know Bus Eireann runs out of Galway but couldn't find specific day trips they offer there - it may be a perfect option for you.