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2 days in Bath

Hello, Help! My husband and I will be in Bath in 2 weeks or so, and need help with our planning. We'll be driving from Southampton to Bath, and have 2 days there. Is it better to stay outside of Bath and drive into town each day to sightsee, or stay central? Any suggestions for a good B&B (with parking)? We're trying to stay about <$150. We appreciate any tips on what to do/see/where to eat while we're there, but first things first - where to stay?

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Definitely stay in town. My wife and I were there in Kate April, stayed at the Holiday Innn Express. It was walkable, but a little far from the center. We enjoyed the Garricks Head pub. $150 is about the going rate, and about what we paid.

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My first impression of Bath was that I wouldn't want to have to drive a car around! But I tend to be a little skittish around small spaces in general. However, I second the recommendation to stay in town if you can. Once you're parked at your hotel or B&B, you won't need the car to see Bath itself. All the major sites are within easy walking distance. Have fun.

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We liked the Villa Magdala but it appears to be £109 currently. The location was excellent for easy walks around this small city. If, as many, perhaps most, tourists do (we did), you visit the Roman Baths, I must report that the most luxurious touring experience We've had was enjoying a fabulous scone with raspberrie or strawberries and clotted cream and coffee to the music of a string quartet in the Pump Room close by the Baths.

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Agree with prior comments. Stay in town and plan to walk everywhere. It isn't a large town, but traffic and parking can be a nightmare. Find a place with parking, park and don't get back in the car until you leave. It is very easy to get yourself turned around while just trying to locate your hotel. A second set of eyes looking for street names is very helpful. In June I stayed at Marlborough House (a Rick Steves recommended hotel). It was was about $190, I think. It was the most expensive of any hotel in a three week trip that included London and Paris. Several years ago I stayed at Villa Magdala which also turned out the most expensive of a three week trip. Both times I had limited options as I waited too long before making reservations. Bath is not inexpensive. Marlborough House was responsive to emails and I phoned them with credit card info. I would stay there again. Visit the Baths, Bizarre Bath is lots of fun, Costume Museum interesting and the free city walking tour excellent. Rick Steves has some great suggestions.

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I highly recommend the Grove Lodge just on the edge of Bath. You will arrive just before getting into heavy traffic and can park your car and not move it until leaving Bath. The rates are very reasonable for Bath and within your price range. Breakfast is lovely, and our room was very spacious and clean. The owner is very helpful with city information as well. There is an option to take the bus to the center of town or just walk. If you take the bus, ask the driver where to get off nearest the Roman Baths. That will place you in the center of things.

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Thanks to all five who offered helpful advice on Bath. I really appreciated your input. We're off tomorrow! Thanks again!

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Too late for this poster, I can offer the automobile advice of a fried who lives not far from Bath. He ditches his car in a satellite parking lot on the edge of the city and takes the municipality's shuttle bus into the centre.