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2 3/4 days in Edinburgh-Go to Glascow?

I'm spending from Fri 10am to Sun 8pm in Edinburgh. A friend is telling me I MUST go to Glascow as it's really vibrant, not as touristy and a great 1/2 day trip. There is so much to see in Edinburgh but I do like not being always in tourist traps. Do you all recommend taking the train to Glascow? If not what would you do with your 2 3/4 days? :)

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Glasgow is skippable. The people are nice, and it appears to be a very nice place to live, but there are almost no tourist attractions. You can easily fill 2+ days with activities in Edinburgh

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I would agree with the previous person - there is so much to see and do in Edinburgh I would not spend time going to Glasgow. You would end up taking up more than half a day with the travelling time considered.

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Though I think you are best sticking with Edinburgh is you only have 2 or 3 days, Glasgow is certainly worth visiting on a longer trip. It is most definitely not devoid of tourist attractions.

The newly renovated (and free) Kelvingrove Museum is supposed to be excellent, and there are number of excellent galleries and museums including the one dedicated Charles Rennie Mackintosh (plus all the various buildings he designed). There are also several attractive parks. Glasgow also has a nice selection of shops.

Essentially, Edinburgh has most of the older historic sites and architecture, while Glasgow is more urbane with more varied sites. Both fun, but Edinburgh is the primary tourist location.