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Transportation in Ireland

Hello there. I'm planning on traveling to Ireland in two years time, as a trip before I go to college. I'm planning on staying there for one month, with another person. Renting a car is impossible because you need to be 21. I will be 18 at the time, so from what I've read, my US license should work in Ireland. I had thought that buying two scooters upon landing in Ireland, using them for the duration of the trip, and then selling them back before we left, would be a good idea, but I'm not sure about the logistics of it. Will I be able to pay for a scooter in cash upon arrival and leave with it the same day? What about registration in Ireland? And finally, even if I am able to buy a scooter, will I be able to sell it back in a timely manner? Most of the scooter shops I've looked into also sell used scooters, and that could be a good idea as well.

Our plan is to see the whole country, and travel into Northern Ireland for a while. Since we only have a month, bikes seemed too slow of an option. As I said earlier, renting a car is not an option. However, I'm not sure if a scooter will be fast enough to drive around Ireland and I'm not sure about the legal issues as far as driving them on motorways, registration, etc. We have budgeted about $4000 USD to spend on the two scooters, and estimated about $2000 USD for gasoline. So, we have $6000 USD to get transportation and gasoline for a one month stay in Ireland.

Also, I'm not even sure if scooters are the best option. If somebody else has a better idea, please tell me.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The minimum age for renting a car in Ireland is 21. I have no idea if your scooter idea is feasible. Your best option might be to buy a bus pass. See here.

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It's impossible to estimate what might be a reasonable budget for anything in two years' time. We hardly know what to estimate for six months from now! I think a trip like this is a great idea, but as for details about costs and such, you'll just have to wait until it gets closer to get accurate information.

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Jason 'google' Department of Transport, dublin and see if you can get most of your answers from their site.
$2000 for fuel. You could ride around the world for that!!!! I rode a Lambretta scooter many years ago. Went for miles on a sniff of gas. Actually, scooters would be an ideal mode of transport on the narrow roads of Ireland. Just keep well to the left hand side.

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You will want to find out if scooters (as opposed to motorcycles) are allowed on the motorways (freeways). Other than that and being aware of the narrow roads and large lorries (trucks) you will encounter, scooters sound like a great idea. If you don't have a US motorcycle license, that might be another issue. You will also have to wear safety equipment, like helmets.

Since you have time, look on-line until you find the information you need. Also remember that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are two different countries, so some laws might be different.

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Bravo for you for planning ahead! Half the fun is the anticipation and planning...the other half the serendipity that just "happens" when the trip takes on a life of it's own. Don't know what time of the year you want to go, but I've been there Spring, Summer and Fall and hit rain every time so you might consider the climate with the bike. Bus/rail passes are really not a bad option. Then you could base in some prime cities like Dingle and rent bikes to bike around the area, maybe even rent a motor bike?? Just a thought but it is good to see you thinking ahead and will happen and no matter how you get around you will have a ball!. The people are fabulous and the country beautiful!

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That sounds like a good idea, but for the money you are talking. Do Europe by rail and with hostels, in one month, you won't spend half of what you are talking in Ireland. I love Ireland, but come back at 21 rent the car and see it all after having seen the continent. IMO