17 Days in Ireland

We would appreciate thoughts and suggestions on the following plan. Are we missing anything or is there a better way?

Day 1 Fly into Dublin. Rent car and drive to Kilkenny. Stay in Kilkenny.

Day 2 Explore Kilkenny and environs. Stay in Kilkenny.

Day 3 Rock of Cashel and then drive to Kinsale. Stay in Kinsale.

Day 4 Explore Kinsale and drive to Kenmare. Stay in Kenmare.

Day 5 Ring of Kerry and drive to Dingle. Stay in Dingle.

Day 6 Explore Dingle Peninsula. Stay in Dingle.

Day 7 Explore Dingle town. Stay in Dingle.

Day 8 Drive to Cliffs of Moher. Stay in Doolin.

Day 9 Explore Burren and drive to Galway. Stay in Galway.

Day 10 Explore Galway city. Stay in Galway.

Day 11 Day trip to Aran Isles. Stay in Galway.

Day 12 Day trip to Connamara. Stay in Galway.

Day 13 Drive to Dublin with stops in Ballenasloe (my family ancestry), Clonmacnoise and Birr Castle. Return car at airport and stay in Dublin.

Day 14 Explore Dublin. Stay in Dublin.

Day 15 Day trip to Glendalough and Powerscourt. Stay in Dublin.

Day 16 Day trip to Newgrange. Stay in Dublin.

Day 17 Fly to USA

Posted by Carroll
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I think this is a great itinerary, Michael. You have picked some really great places. If you get a chance while you are in Dingle and if the weather is good, you might want to take the ferry to Great Blasket Island. It's extremely beautiful and a wonderful place to hike. You'll need to be able to handle big hills, but if you can, you'll be able to hike all by yourselves. Be sure to read one or more books by the islanders before you go. It won't take an entire day, so you will still have plenty of time to wander around Dingle town, which is not very big. Have a great trip!

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Connemara is a large area, and can't really be done as a day trip from Galway, unless you limit yourself to a very small part of it. You might consider staying in Clifden or Cong instead of backtracking to Galway.

Posted by Judy
Adelaide, SA, Australia
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Good advice Nancy. We stayed in Cong. Great little town. Ideal for exploring Connemarra, also while you are there take the opportunity to visit Ashford Castle.

Posted by Otter
Santa Clara, CA
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Very reasonable itinerary, but if it were MY trip, this is what I would change...

See Glendalough on the way to Kilkenny (skip Powerscourt unless you fly in early in the morning and have time for both) This will free up an entire day for more Dublin sites

Subtract a day from Galway (Connamara day trip), add to Kinsale (I really really liked Kinsale, but I'm sure most may disagree with this one)

Find a way to see Newgrange on the way back to drop off the rental car, this will give you another full day for Dublin or even a day trip to Belfast.