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London Tube

How do I plan a journey on the tube? I know in Paris I need to know name of the end of the line that I will be on as well as the number of the line, but I cannot find anything like that for the London Tube. How do I know if I am getting on the tube going the direction I need? Thanks.

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, the London Tube works just like the Paris Metro except the lines have names (Piccadilly, Victoria, Central etc)instead of numbers. As for heading in the right direction, again it works the same way, you need to know the last station on the line and follow the signs at the station. At the station there will be a map the just lists the stations for the line you will be traveling on; just look for the map that has the stop you need to get to, and you're all set. One of the best features of the tube is there are always lots of staff wandering around the station and are always happy to help out if you get confused. You can download maps of the system here:

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Karolea, the London tube is easy to use. When you get on the platform, it will tell you the direction. The only thing you worry about is where you're starting from, and where you need to end up. Once you look at the Tube map it will all make sense.

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Karolea, as someone stated there are lots of very helpful employees of the tube around to help. Last time we were in London, I asked for assistance and the gentleman said, "I remember you from last night." Therefore don't concern yourself now, just ask for help. Keep traveling. :) :) :)

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The tube is the easiest form of public transportation I've taken anywhere. In every tube station are large wall maps of the entire system . Lines are in color, i.e. Piccadilly line is dark blue, Central, pink, District, green. Know where you want to go, find the destination on the map and take that line. You may have to switch lines depending on your destination. Near ticket windows are often great little area maps that show sites around the tube. Helpful & free. Actual tube maps are also free. I pick up one on my ride in from Heathrow and keep it with me during my visit. All guide books will reference the closest tube stop to popular sites. Once you've chosen your line make you're way down into the bowels of the earth. To be certain you're going the right way, there are maps on the wall of the stops. Find your stop and go the way the arrow points. Maps are also in each cab of the tube. Stops are well marked. The Brits are very helpful so if you feel lost ask for help.
Great City!

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The hardest part is knowing the tube station you want to exit at. Usually that's in the guidebook or advertisement in Time Out London.

Once you know that you can look at the map in the subway station to see how to get there.

It's so much harder to try to describe it here than it will be once you see it.

The ticket machines are pretty self explanatory but an Oyster card is a good deal if you will use it a lot.

If you have trouble, just ask. Employees aren't hard to find and most Brits are glad to help as well.

I ride the DC Metro all the time. I was surprised when people on the Tube got up to give my mother a seat. I'd forgotten what being polite looked like.