13-Hour Layover in Dublin. Any ideas?

Hi everyone! This is my first post on the "TO THE NORTH" section of the helpline. So I am planning a trip to Dublin in the fall with my friends and family, but first things first, I am going to Barcelona in May/June. Our flight to Barcelona includes a 13-hour layover in Dublin (oh the irony!!). It's on a Tuesday from approxiamtely 5:20am to 6:30pm. Taking into consideration needing to be at the airport a couple hours ahead, let's say I have from 6am to 3pm to lollygag in Dublin. Any ideas or suggestions? Or would it be in my best interest to just sit tight at the airport?

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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Go into the city! The airport is quite near the city, and there's an easy bus connection. Once in the center of the city, go visit Trinity College (Book of Kells) and any number of other attractions within walking distance of the city center (or you can take one of the sightseeing buses which let you go on and off at will - think you may be able to get a discount on the airport bus if you book this bus). It's a lovely, friendly city. Enjoy! PS: I got "stuck" in Dublin for an extra five nights during the volcano emergency a couple of years back. What a "terrible" pity that was (g)

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Sure, go into the city, but I wouldn't plan on seeing anything that you want to see again with your friends and family. If you have any personal interests that might bore the group silly, do those. Otherwise, just do some shopping and wandering around. You won't get into town anywhere near 6 a.m., though. IF your flight arrives on time, you will still be several minutes getting off the plane and through passport control. Then it's about 30 minutes or so by bus to the city center, but Dublin's traffic is notoriously bad (and by then you will be headed toward rush hour). Do arrive back at the airport in plenty of time, since you will have to go through security for the international flight.

Posted by Randy
Germantown, MD
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I took the Airlink bus to the City Centre when I was staying in Dublin just about 2 weeks ago. I think they leave about every 15 minutes and cost about 6 or 7 euros. You can buy a return ticket too. I don't recall exactly how long it took maybe a half hour or so. The Bakehouse just across the Ha'Penny Bridge is good. I ate a nice lunch there- Dublin Coddle- and they open up at 8am. It has good comments on the internet...it's a somewhat new place. Coconut cake was delish!!! If you're up for some walking, you can walk to St. Patrick's and the Guinness Storehouse. Get some late lunch around Temple Bar and make your way back to the airport. I think it was like 2.5 km round trip from my hotel near Trinity College to Guinness Storehouse and St. Patrick's according to the google map directions I printed up. maybe a light jacket as defense against any rain...