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12 Days in Norway

We are planning a trip to Norway in June/ July next year. Has anyone got any suggestions for an itinerary starting in Oslo and ending in Bergen.
Is renting a car a good choice or does train travel work best?

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We enjoyed a one week June driving trip through the Norwegian fjords a few years ago. Since you have 12 days instead of 7, perhaps you could use our itinerary and add on to it....We flew into Bergen, picked up our car at the airport and drove to Voss (Fleischer's Hotel) for two days. On our full day there, we explored the area south-east of Voss. Day three we drove to Flam (very scenic road trip) and took the train up the mountain round trip, then stopped at the Vik Stave church before catching the ferry to Balestrand (Kvikne's hotel, OLD part) for two nights. Day five we drove past glaciers to Geiranger (Grand Fjord Hotel) for two nights. On our full day in Geiranger, we took the ferry round trip through the Geiranger fjord and part of the next fjord north. After that, we headed back to Bergen for a long afternoon and flew to London the next day. Since you have more time, you could continue north from Geiranger, then take an inland route back to Oslo. Driving in Norway is very easy - frequent ferries cross the fjords, tunnels go through the mountains instead of roads crossing the top.....Visiting Norway is a bit more expensive then visiting other sites in Europe, but it's worth every penny to see scenery which actually rivals Banff and Jasper.

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We are going to Norway probably in early August next year and I am working on an itinerary as well. We are thinking 7-8 days and not renting a car. Flying in and out of Oslo. Definitely want to get to Bergen and Balestrand, see the fjords and stave churches. We will be travelling with my in laws, so ease of travel for these first timers is crucial.

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Three years or so ago we rented a car in Copenhagen and drove to Norway and all around and up and down and back via Sweden. Thought it was a great way to go. Driving was a snap, roads easy to follow etc. Gives you a lot of flex to stop for picnics and pictures etc. Especially great for drives North for scenic highways etc. Also the car gives you an opportunity to load up on some quality snack food, any liquor you might like to tipple in the evening etc. bought in Copenhagen (or even Sweden). Norway is the MOST EXPENSIVE place I've ever traveled. There's like a 150% markup on luxury items like, say, eating out at a fast food joint (well, I just remember the $10 small beer and $10 small fries). Buy your food in the regular grocery stores in Norway - not to bad price wise. Despite the sticker shock I loved Norway and I'm of pure (well almost) Swedish decent. One of my favorite places, well after say Florence...

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Before you drive the car away from a rental agency in Norway, make sure you understand the rather non-intuitive toll system. If you rent the car in Norway, it will probably already be covered, but check just to be certain.

In Oslo, head to Frogner Park on the first sunny day Mother Nature allots. Not only is it a beautiful park, but a great place for people (and dog) watching.