12 days in Ireland Itinerary

It looks like we are fairly close to having our March trip planned & would like feedback & tips: Day 1: arrive in Shannon early & drive to Kilkenney Day 2: Kilkenney area & second night in Kilkenney (unless we change our minds & leave in the afternoon) Day 3 & 4: Dublin; will be confirming reservations soon, have found a reasonable place with parking near Trinity College area. Day 5 - 7: Newgrange, Athlone area, want to go to Kilbeggan Distillery, Galway, Connemara, may stay in 2 or 3 different places Day 8 & 9: Co. Clare; The Burren & the Cliffs of Moher, may stay in Ennis Day 10 & 11: Dingle Day 12: Beara Day 13: "cushion day" & will spend night near Shannon Airport, possibly Quin or Ennis Day 14: leave early We have spent 4 days in the Cork-Clonakilty-Cashel area so we are ok skipping that part of Ireland. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks

Posted by Ken
Spring, Texas
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You must love to drive because you're criss crossing Ireland and having a rental car in Dublin which makes no sense. You could arrive in Shannon and go Galway and Connemara. Come back through the Burren and Cliffs - consider staying in Dooling. Go to Dingle. On your short trip Beara may not be a good use of time but so be it. You could then drive to north of Dublin and see Newgrange et al before turning in your car at the airport. Take the bus to Dublin. Two night (one day?) hardly seems worthwhile to go to Dublin but that's your choice. After Dublin, take a flight back out of Dublin. If you are locked into Shannon, I'd suggest you stay on the western side of the island.

Posted by Laura
Anchorage, Alaska
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We are locked into our flight already due to costs from Alaska. We do love to drive, too, since where we live it's no big deal to drive 6 hours each way for a weekend trip and our roads are almost all 2 lane roads. We have 2 days planned in Dublin, arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. Beara is an "if time" place. but thanks anyway for your thoughts.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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We also love to drive-if we want a restful vacation we stay on the West Coast! However, I think your days are in the wrong order. Starting from Shannon, maybe do County Clare, County Galway and Connemara, head over to New Grange, Dublin, Kilkenny, Beara ( I would not skip it-we found it and Connemara to be the loveliest, Kenmare is a good base for Beara and ROK), Dingle, head back to Shannon. We haven't been to New Grange yet, have visited the other areas. (Glendalough, south of Dublin, is also lovely. ) Dublin would work better at the beginning or the end of your trip, but that would be tricky if your flights are in and out of Shannon.

Posted by Laura
Anchorage, Alaska
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Cynthia we had originally thought of doing that same order, except we don't want to be in Dublin during the 5 day St Patricks Festival (too many people & stuff going on). Also, room rates are really quite reasonable mid-week the week before a big visitor time, so Dublin makes sense (to us) to be a couple of days into the trip. We are also ok with skipping Beara if we end up lingering more on the west than we'd expected. thanks!

Posted by Jane
Eagle River, Alaska, United States
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I live in Eagle River and will be going to Ireland in May for 12 days. I would love to hear from you after your trip. Jane