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rail pass

2 seniors, travelling from Oslo to Stockholm, Stockholm to Copenhagen, C to Hamburg...should we think of buying a rail pass or just buy point to point? Each of these legs is about 5 hours; it seems some countries do have senior rates

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One of the best (if not THE best) sources of information for European trains is The Man In Seat 61. Here's his information about Oslo to Stockholm: Stockholm to Copenhagen: and, Copenhagen to Hamburg (scroll down a bit): I don't know specifics for these routes, but for most trains in Europe, if you can pre-book and can accept severe limitations on refunds and exchanges, you can get better prices than you do with "senior" tickets. The advantage of senior rates, when offered, is that they often require less (or no) advance booking. I have booked tickets on (which you would use for the ticket to Hamburg), and can say it's very easy. You print out the ticket at home; the site says you need A4 paper, but 8.5 x 11 works fine. On the train, you then show the ticket as well as the credit card used to book it; they scan the ticket, swipe the card, and you're set. And be sure to enter both travelers when looking at prices, as you get an even better advance discount. When my mother and I went from Berlin to Dresden, the full fare was €38 per person, but the advance discount was €19 for one person and €29 for two. So, on this one round trip, we saved €94! And my mother is a senior, but again, it was much cheaper this way than any other.