Klaipeda Lithuania

We booked our cruise this morning and one of our port of calls is Klapeida. Is this city worth visiting? I know we have no choice now, but what is there to do there? It looks really ugly IMO. Are there places we could go nearby that are better? Thanks!!!

Posted by TJ
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I spent several days in Klaipeda in 2010 and had a pretty good time. It's not a bad little city and you should be able to find pretty good food at a reasonable price. I loved the local beer, Svyturys, which you can now find at several retailers on the east coast. Unfortunately, you may not have time to get to many other places. Vilnius is about three hours by car and Kaunas is two hours away. There is a decent beach town called Nida on the Curonian Spit that's a little closer (about an hour and a half). Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy your visit! -TJ

Posted by Galen
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Brendon, We stayed in Klaipeda on three different occasions for a month each time. Yes, this city is worth visiting. Here are some ideas for you: -explore old town Klaipeda (The TI in old town might have English speaking guides or maps of walking tours.), -go to the beach and search for amber, -besides Nida on the Curonian Spit, walk the Witches Hill (near Juodkrante) and learn some Lithuanian folklore, -there are several museums in or near the city center, -take a walk through Sculpture Park (some sculptures are left over from the Soviet era),
-visit a church or two. Nearby is Palanga, a beach resort town. You could take a taxi, a minibus, or rent a bike and peddle the path through the woods to get there. Near Plunge is the site of a former Soviet missile base. Further afield (at least 4 hours round trip) is the Hill of Crosses just outside Siauliai. The Hill has an amazing history. Learn some of the city and country's history, especially the Soviet era, before you cruise and the region will be more meaningful. A free resource is the In Your Pocket Guide for Klaipeda (http://www.inyourpocket.com/lithuania/klaipeda). At times its a bit irreverent or sarcastic, so I'm not sure it will change the opinion of Klaipeda you've already formed. Have a great cruise!

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Hi, You're lucky that Klaipeda (Memel) is part of your cruise. It and its hinterland formed the most eastern part of East Prussia called Memelland. The town Memel was wrecked in the war. If you think the town is ugly, see it anyway. I certainly would. That must be due to the Soviet reconstruction.

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Hello, Definitely it is worth visiting. Klaip?da is the third biggest city in Lithuania and has nonfreezing sea harbour. Easy travel from Vilnius airport to port city Klaipeda http://www.airport-bus.lt/ Klaip?da is unique for its Old Town which is an example of German architecture.
It is possible to take a tour in the "Švyturys" beer brewery where visitors will find out about brewing traditions and process and might taste fresh beer. There are many interesting places to visit like Theatre square, Lietuvnink? square,the Meridianas vessel,the Klaip?da Sea museum,the Museum of Clocks and Watches and, of course, the Melnrag? pier, where you can relax on the seaside following coming and leaving ships through the Sea Gates.