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Eclectic visit: Fjords vis-à-vis The Temple of Hera

We're trying to get an early start on a visit to Europe next spring or autumn. The challenge at this time is that our itinerary is more-or-less two visits back to back. We want to see the Atlantic Coast of Norway (Bergen and north), and visit destinations on the Mediterranean that we have wanted to visit earlier, but have not accomplished--specifically Barcelona, and the Pompeii-Amalfi-Paestum area in Italy. If there is any type of repositioning cruise in the spring we thought we'd spend 10 or so days in Italy/Spain (with a flight between Naples and Barcelona), then "reposition" for a few days on a ship relocating to the Norway coast for the summer season followed by a 7-8 night cruise along the Atlantic coast of Norway. The alternative in the autumn is to begin with the cruise in Norway then "reposition" on a ship headed for the Mediterranean for the winter to Barcelona or Rome to begin the Med. part of the visit. Is either option plausible? We're planning on a 21-25 day itinerary.

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