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Hello...first time posting. Husband and I are going to England,Scotland, and Ireland for the first time (2 weeks) in early July. Following weather reports from over there, but just wondering what we will really need in regards to warm clothing? Will a all-weather jacket and jeans be enough for these Florida people? Also, do we exchange money when we get there? Heard its cheaper that way...Thanks!

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Go to for a 10 day forecast before you leave; you will then have a pretty good idea of what to pack. As for money, it is definitely NOT cheaper to exchange US dollars there! Use your ATM card to withdraw from your checking account. (Your PIN should be 4 digits only) Notify your bank of your travel plans. Always use an ATM machine associated with a bank (e.g. Barclay's) not a Travelex or other non-bank ATM.

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Hi Brenda. Watch the weather from now until you leave, to see if these countries are warmer, cooler, rainier, etc. than average. You'll get a much better idea of what to bring. As far as currency, I like to buy some from my bank before my trip so I have it when I land and don't have to worry about finding an ATM for a day or so. The exchange rate isn't the best but I pay the fee because it's worth it to me to have some local money in advance. Don't exchange dollars for pounds when you get to the UK - the exchange rate won't be good. Use your ATM or debit card to get cash.

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Hi Brenda, the weather here is notoriously unpredictable and this year is more so than usual. I would say, bring some clothes you can layer- an colourful tank top will keep you warm if the wind is chilly and can be used on it's own if the sun decides to shine. I would think jeans and your all-weather jacket will be fine. You might like the idea of zip-off pants as posted on here a couple of weeks back.
If you do get cold, you can always go to somewhere like Primark and buy something inexpensive to wear, and consider it to be a souvenir. Can't help with the exchange question- but if you're in the UK and want to change money, the Post Office usually gives a decent rate.

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I'm also from Florida. Did Scotland last year end of June/early July. The above info. on debit/ATM cards is right on. Also, contact your credit card company before leaving the USA with the dates of your trip. Tell them United Kingdom. That way, your bank won't shut-down your credit card when foreign charges appear. Learn from your bank the maximum daily withdrawal allowed on your ATM card. Take out the maximum (in U.K.) to reduce the number of ATM withdrawals you have to make. Scotland is comfortable and warm in early July. Capri pants and polo type shirts work just fine. Invest in a very good rain jacket with a hood that packs into a small pouch. Don't get a cheapie poncho. For warmth, I just used my raincoat with a light-fleece zip-up vest underneath. That worked well. Many days were warm and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts were just fine.
If you have ever been to the Midwest or Upstate New York in Summer - you will experience the same type of weather in Scotland plus a lot more Rain. I would leave heavy sweaters and sweat shirts at home. Too bulky and you won't need them.

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Just to clarify re the money: tell your bank, and your credit card issuer, that you will be in the United Kingdom and in Ireland (separate countries).