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Safe minimum layover time at Heathrow?

I'm looking at a connecting flight from Zurich through Heathrow onto the U.S., which would mean a transfer from T5 to T1. The layover time is 1 hour 55 minutes, but it took me well over two hours to transfer through T1 only the last time at Heathrow. The Heathrow website says that you have to transfer via the Heathrow Express or the Underground and that either take about 20 minutes. If you've connected through Heathrow recently, is 1 hr. 55 min. enough time?

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Two weeks ago: We had one hour and ten minutes to get between two gates in Terminal 5 (arriving from Berlin and heading to Dulles). We had to pass through Security, and ride two stops on a tram. Made it with ten minutes to spare before the gate closed, so it took us probably 40 minutes. Surprisingly, when we got home we found our checked luggage had made it too. Note this was not my idea. British Airways cancelled our first flight and rescheduled us on a later one. I'm not sure how to advise you because we didn't change terminals. If the times you've posted are departure times, factor in that the gate closes maybe 20 or 30 minutes earlier. It might matter what time of year and what day of the week and what time of day you're traveling. We were traveling on a Saturday afternoon in mid April. Hope this helps,

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You have posted the same question in two sections. The minimum connection time on a single ticket for an international to international transfer T5-T1 is 90 minutes. You get a bus from T5 to T1 airside and go through security only. If you miss the connection because the inbound flight is late under the MCT you will be put on the next flight.