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Car rental in Dublin?

My wife and I are flying into Dublin on March 7, and are taking a self-guided tour through the 19th, departing Shannon. We plan on spending a day or two in and around Dublin - but I'm not sure whether we should get a car at the airport or wait until we depart Dublin. We're thinking about staying (the first couple of days) in Dun Laoghaire and traveling into Dublin -

I hear Dublin traffic is a nightmare (I've driven in both NYC traffic and LA). Any advice? Forget the car until we're leaving Dublin?

Oh, and as an aside - we're going to bring the Garmin Nuvi - and I'm going to pick up the UK/Ireland map chip. Anyone use this for their trip? Any comments on it?

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Hi Dan,--- Personally I would wait and get the car on the way out of Dublin. The city is rather compact and most places are within about a 20 minute walk from the city center. Traffic can be a nightmare and parking is both difficult and expensive. Dun Laoghaire is just a short trip on the DART from Dublin and many people enjoy it for its lack of noise that you have in Dublin.

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Having driven in Dublin twice, I would heartily second the idea of waiting till you leave Dublin to get your rental. It's a very walkable city center, with many attractions close together. And for things that are farther out, the public bus system is extensive. You might want to look at the hop-on, hop-off bus tours, too. You can get off at any location, see the area, and get back on the next one. Riding it once all the way around gives you a good guided overview of the city, too.

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We are going to be going just after you. We will be landing in Dublin on the 15th and renting a car as we leave Dublin on the 19th in the City Center. Are you spending St. Patrick's Day in Dublin? That is one of the main reasons we are going. We are also taking our Nuvi and purchased the UK/Ireland chip. I'm planning on programming our hotels into the favorites before we leave.

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If you've driven in Manhattan, you can drive in Dublin!

But I wouldn't....

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Jennifer -

We'll be in Dingle for St. Patrick's day. Where did you pick up the UK/Ireland SD Card?

I've been looking and can't tell whether I'm getting the Micro SD with an SD adapter, or just the Micro SD . . . how did your's come?


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I agree that you do not need rental while you are in Dubs and getting as you leave town. I think it is fantastic that you are going to be driving in Ireland. You will love it!

All major car and Irish car carriers will pick you up in Dublin at your hotel, b&b etc.. and take you to their facilities. If you are given a choice of getting your car 'in' Dublin or at the Dublin Aerport - take the Aerport location. It is easier and safer w/luggage. I give this information with a 1995 expierence picking up rental in Dubs. Just take my word for it. BUT ENJOY.

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Wait until you are leaving Dublin. Not so much because Dublin is a nightmare as there is no need for a car while there. Like others, I suggest using DART to get between Dun Laoghaire and Dublin.

If you DO choose to drive into Dublin, there are car parks in/near the city center where you can park the car and spend a few hours walking around town.

I've never used GPS while driving in Ireland, but if any country could put GPS to the test it's Ireland! Half the fun of driving in Ireland is figuring out how the heck to get from point A to point B. Fun, yeah, that's the word.

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Dan, We just got back last weekend and all the major motorways are torn up with construction. Driving out side of Dublin is easy...inside is a challenge, but NOT impossible. What you may find frustrating, is the speed limits (again b/c of construction) and the cops DO RUN RADAR. I had a Navigon GPS and it worked a detailed map in the USA for nack-up. I stopped in 3-4 gas stations in Dublin to ask direction to Bru'na Bro'inne and they all gave me the "deer in the headlights" look...nice people, just not real helpful with directions. We rented our vehicle from the Budget at DAA. It was cheap (like 180,00 for 4 day--with a car seat for my 2 y/o or it would have been 40,00 less). My insurance (USAA) covered IRE, but I have seen folks on here talking about monsterous deductables...none found by me. I declined their insurance, so they charged me 2,000 euro on my MC until I brought their car back in one piece, which they promptly refunded. Driving is not hard, but it IS SLOW...